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Female Greek goddess statues SS-026
  • Female Greek goddess statues

Female Greek goddess statues

Art NO.SS-026

Size: Height 65cm, 80cm, 158cm, 180cm or custom

Material: White marble or custom as required

Processing way: Hand carving

MOQ:1 pcs

Shipping: World widely shipping

Packing: wooden crate or carton

OEM: Can make any style Marble statue as photo or drawing.

Description: Female Greek goddess statues are the most famous Greek art,the masterpieces of the three graces. The Three Graces statue depicts the daughters of Zeus, from left to right, Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia, who were representing mirth, elegance, and beauty respectively. Carved from natural white marble and can custom any sizes.

greek goddess statue

Three Graces statue

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