Bronze Catholic Statues

Bronze Jesus Crucifix statue CCS-060
  • Bronze Jesus Crucifix statue

Life size bronze Jesus Crucifix statue

Name:Bronze Jesus Crucifix statue

Height :152 cm or custom

Material:Bronze or brass

Packing:wooden crate

Delivery time:30 days

Description:We making the Jesus Crucifix statues from20 cmup to 300 cm high. This crucifixion of Jesus height 150cm, material in bronze, the surface is chemical patina brown color. The bronze Jesus corpus statue for crucifix often hanging on wall for churches, schools or family. We custom sacred Jesus corpus crucifix in bronze, brass, marble and fiberglass.

If you are interested in bronze Jesus Crucifix statue, please contact Alpha freely!



Why custom bronze Catholic statues or why buy bronze statues from Alpha?

1.Alpha Statue Expert manufacture custom bronze Catholic statue with heart and soul.

2. Alpha Statue Expert buy high quality copper ingots for bronze Catholic statues sculptures.


3.China Alpha Statue Expert make Catholic statues in bronze and brass, more choices than most sellers, the bronze statue materials including more copper than brass, the bronze statues are thicker thickness and more expensive than brass statues, this means bronze Catholic statues can keep longer period. We can cast the bronze statues thickness as required.


4.Fast shipping. Our bronze statues foundry workers can working longer time than normal if the timeline is tight, and then we can make the bronze Catholic statues delivered faster.


5.Alpha Statue Expert has stock on sale marble catholic statues,bronze Catholic  statues,fiberglass statues,steel statues,all stock items at reasonable prices and mostly can be shipped in a week.


6.Alpha Statue Expert has long history of cast bronze Catholic statues, bronze statues factory started on 1990. Our partner foundry as one of our City Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage foundry which has many experience of making bronze Catholic statues, we have made Saint Joseph Stautes,Saint Mary statues,Jesus statues, Saint Michael statues,Saint George statues, Saint Loyola statues, Our lady of Guadalupe statues, St.Casey statues, St. Stephen statues and so on.


7.Skilled and professional bronze Catholic statues making team. Designers mostly graduated from university, clay model makers’ masters all have training experience in university. Bronze Catholic  statues wax model making workers, bronze welding worker, bronze statues polishing workers and bronze patina workers have so many experience of bronze Catholic statues. So can ensure the bronze Catholic statues finished in high quality.


8.Alpha Statue Expert team control bronze Catholic statues quality at full processing steps, we learn carefully about the drawings/photos client given, select high quality bronze materials for statues, pay attention details when making bronze Catholic statue models, when bronze Catholic statues nearly finished we let masters to do the Catholic statues details improvement. After bronze Catholic statues finished we will let client look finished photos for double check, any places client want to improve then we our masters improve the bronze statues as per client required.


9.Alpha Statue Expert professional export handling team started in the year of 2007,the professional export team make the bronze Catholic statues goods produced as client required and ship to clients safely.


10.Alpha Statue Expert team has exported the marble catholic statues, bronze Catholic statues, fiberglass Catholic statues sculptures to America,Canada,United Kingdom,Ireland,Germany,Fance,Spain,Italy,India,Sweden,Poland,Russia,Ukraine,Australia etc countries. Any questions about Catholic statues making or import matters please ask Alpha Statue Expert team freely.


11. The bronze Catholic Statues casted at Hebei province of China where has bronze statues foundries, Marble statues carving factories, steel sculpture factories, fiberglass sculptures factories, so we can mix different materials of catholic statues in one order and in reasonable prices.


All in one, Alpha Statue Expert team can make satisfied statue sculpture arts for you!

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