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Man statue SS-039

Man statue SS-039
Art NO. :SS-039


The Statue of David

Art No.SS-039

Material:White Marble

One of Michelangelo’s  many masterpieces, this sculpture earns the top position on most people’s list of the most famous sculptures of all time.
   Dating from the European Renaissance rather than the ancient Classical Period, this 517cm (nearly 17 feet) tall statue  of the biblical king David was wrought by Michelangelo in the classical style. The statue of David was commissioned by Overseers of the Office of Works of the Duomo, who eventually displayed it outside the Palazzo della Signoria, or main plaza, near governmental buildings in the then independent Republic of Florence (or Comune di Firenze).
Sculpted of marble from the famous quarries of the Carrara region in the Northern Italian Alps, the original slab was brought to Florence in 1464 as part of a larger project involving 12 biblical sculptures for the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Donatello and his assistant began the work. They had only managed to rough in the legs before abandoning the project upon the old master's death. For 25 years the project languished, assigned to various artists until finally being awarded to 26 year old Michelangelo in 1501. Working for a period of over three years, Michelangelo labored until the finished statue was delivered in September 1504.
   Many replicas of David made to scale exist worldwide, including one erected in 1910 on the original site. Casts and bronzes also exist in such far-flung locations as India, England, Australia and the United States. One of the most recognized statues in the world; many consider David to be Michelangelo's greatest sculptural work. The damage done in 1991 when a man attacked the statue with a hammer was repaired. The damage allowed archaeologists a rare chance to determine the exact mine from which the marble came.
This product is a replicas of David .

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